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4 Outstanding Tips to Promote Instagram Stories

More than 1 billion people worldwide have installed the Instagram app on their smartphones, which makes it a top trending social media platform. Meanwhile, the platform has over 500 million users who spend an average of 30 minutes on the platform. If you are running a business on Instagram without using its business variant account, you are losing many important opportunities to scale up the business.

The right way to use the Instagram platform is by creating a business account where you can try different tactics to get notable results. Meanwhile, the use of Instagram Stories in the account can make another major reason for you to improve the content and brand presence on the platform. In this way, more and more relevant audiences can see your content, and you can get a tremendous amount of views. Also, you can buy Instagram impressions to scale up the process within a shorter period.

If you don’t know what to do to promote the Instagram stories, you can follow the 4 important tips that we will give you in the below sections.

Promote the stories on other social media platforms:

If you are randomly creating Instagram stories, you miss out on several outstanding opportunities. Yes, you should share the stories on the other social media platforms and consider the best site to buy Instagram impressions that can provide an effective boost to the stories.

You can share the stories by considering the save option to save the videos and images for you. After that, you can share the stories on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. While sharing the stories on other platforms, mention that you follow your Instagram account.

Send stories on Follower’s messages:

There would be 99% of the Instagram account holders who don’t share the stories of their accounts to their followers directly on their accounts. Instagram has provided you the option to share the stories to the message section of your follower. So, you shouldn’t skip this way for any reason.

If you don’t know about sharing the stories to the other accounts, you can take the Instagram stories and then see the right icon on the story containing an arrow; now, you will see the list of people following you. Here, you can make good use of sending the messages directly to the account from there.

Sharing the messages directly to the Instagram followers will help you gain instant views on the account, which will push the stories to many other people’s search and exploring tab.

Tag other People:

When posting a story on Instagram, make sure to buy Instagram impressions as it can instantly boost your story to the exploring tab. Apart from that, you should try to tag the other Instagram users who have tremendous followers. When you tag them on the story, they will try to share the stories on their accounts, which will help your business to attain outstanding views, and the people you have tagged and who shared your story, their followers will respond to your post and follow you as well in most of the cases.

IF you are not known about tagging the other accounts, you need to first create the Instagram story. After that, you have to type in the user name that needs to be mentioned in the story before posting it to the account. The other account will be highlighted with an underlined, indicating the other account you have tagged in the story. Similarly, when the other account holder you have tagged shares the story, your profile name will show to their followers.

Regularly post the Instagram stories:

If you want to promote the Instagram stories, you need to be very consistent in posting them to the account. Yes, regular posting of stories on your account will make a reason for the followers to stick with it. However, try to post the stories by making them more compelling, as random stories will never give you the desired type of outcome.